CGDT has been in rehearsal creating an evening length performance based on the concept of beauty entitled, EYE CANDY. This piece is a collaborative work and will premiere in Los Angeles at Pieter Performance Space on May 5 at 8:30pm. 

May 5 at 8:30pm
Pieter Performance Space
420 West Avenue 33
Los Angeles, CA 90031


Previous Performance Projects

Established in 2009, CGDT continues to build upon their repertoire of over 10 full-evening length works, a 24-hour dance marathon and many other productions, workshops, and events. The award-winning company performs nationally including performances in Los Angeles, San Diego, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, San Francisco, and New York City.


CGDT Performance at Highways in Los Angeles
2017 Love Over Fear – Highways, Los Angeles

CGDT Performance of "Leprechaun Dreams" with Harmony Negrin and Zoe Mendel
2016  Leprechaun Dreams Mingei Museum, San Diego

CGDT Performance image of Danza Fantasma
2015  Danza Fantasma – White Box Live Arts, San Diego

CGDT Performance of "New Bee" Chard Gonzalez photo by Sue Brenner
2014  New Bee – San Diego Fringe Festival

Alien from "Tomorrowland"
2014  Tomorrowland – Marigny Opera House, New Orleans

Suck You postcard front
2013  Suck You and Your Little Archetype, Too – New Orleans Fringe Festival

2012  Gnothi Seauton – New Orleans Fringe Festival

2012  Down the Rabbit Hole – Marigny Opera House, New Orleans

Queen of Hearts "T-4-3"
2012  T-4-3 – Fresh Fruit Festival in New York City

iforgot postcard
2011 iForgot – New Orleans Fringe Festival

2010  The Divine Feminine – FURY Factory in San Francisco

2010  Double Entendre Tooth Tiger – Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge

sensitive boys pic
2009  Sensitive Boys – New Orleans Fringe Festival

2008  and/or  New Orleans Fringe Festival

Selected Grants and Awards

2014  Community Arts Grant – Arts Council of New Orleans to create an original dance          

2013  Big Easy Classical Arts Award for Best Ethnic Dance “Nataraja”

2012  Best Dance Performance Award Fresh Fruit Festival, NYC           

2012  Dance/USA Institute for Leadership Training Mentorship

2011  Big Easy Classical Arts Award for Best Choreography “Bennie and the Jets”

2010  SURDNA Grant to attend the Merce Cunningham Teachers Workshop

2010  Big Easy Classical Arts Award for Best Choreography “The Box”

2009  SURDNA Grant to attend the José Limón Teachers Workshop

2004  Laban Travel Grant to participate in Sweden and Taiwan conferences

2002  Harkness Foundation Space Grant to create an original dance production

Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre