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Board of Directors


In our 11th year of programming Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre is re-establishing our Board of Directors in Los Angeles in order to continue pushing the boundaries of dance performance, education, and advocacy. Thank you for your interest and consideration of joining our Board.

A Brief History of CGDT 

Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre was originally established in New Orleans, Louisiana in February 2009 shortly after a successful production at the inaugural New Orleans Fringe Festival. Then in 2014, CGDT relocated to Southern California in exploration of a new artistic direction.

For over a decade, CGDT has kept its focus on the amplification of dance theatre which has been an underutilized form of expression in the United States. All of our programming starts with a collaboration with other artists. The culminating dance theatre events are performed in traditional theatres and non-traditional spaces. Our diverse range of performances aim to entertain and inspire audiences of all types.

Besides creating high caliber performances, CGDT has a strong emphasis on education and advocacy. Our programming includes outreach to include underserved populations in both dance education (classes and workshops) and advocacy events (group and panel discussions). These activities enrich the communities that we work with and also inform the artistic direction.

Job Description

We are looking for new Board Members who bring with them a passion for the arts, a dedication to seeing bold, new work thrive in Los Angeles and on tour, and a commitment to helping a reemerging organization grow into a successful institution.

The four main areas of concern for the Board are:

  1. Fundraising: The Board is expected to develop and follow through with ideas on how to raise funds in alignment with the organization’s mission and objectives. 
  2. Long-Term Development: The Board is held responsible to establish and maintain relationships with foundations and corporate sponsors. Additional board recruitment is also important for long-term development. 
  3. Public Relations: The Board is in charge of fostering relationships with local, national and international dance presenters. A strong commitment to developing affiliations with the media is also essential for growth.
  4. Governance: The Board acts as a legislative body to uphold policies in accordance with CGDT articles of incorporation and its bylaws.  

Our main objective is to secure a base of financial support to fund administrative and artistic positions that allow us to sustain and expand the high-level of programming that our audiences expect of us. We must translate our success on stage into organizational growth so that we can retain the talent and enthusiasm of the artists we work with while constantly bringing new people into the fold to develop new and exciting work. Ultimately, we must find a physical home for our organization. Whether it’s creating a performance space from scratch, taking over an existing venue, or partnering with other members of the community, we must gear up for a capital campaign assuring the long-term future for Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre and the creativity it fosters. 


  1. Experience: Individuals with board experience in small-sized arts organizations including start-ups are encouraged to apply. 
  2. Participation: Board Members are asked to commit to monthly meetings in person (or virtually). Meetings are 2 hours and may include a social event with CGDT artists and/or collaborators.
  3. Contribution: Board members are invited to make a monetary contribution in any denomination that is personally meaningful and commensurate with their capacity to give.
  4. Officers: We need officers with previous board leadership experience to fulfill legal requirements to reestablish our nonprofit status.

The re-establishment of a nonprofit organization can be difficult, but also rewarding. We are looking for potential board members who are excited about the work we have accomplished thus far and excited about building up an organization capable of a successful future. Oh, and hanging out with a dance company can be a lot of fun, too. 

Thank you for your consideration! Looking forward to speaking with you soon about joining our Board. 


Chard Gonzalez
Executive Artistic Director
[email protected]