It is our conviction that dance education leads to a life where knowledge, discipline and creativity become the keys to an empowered and successful future. Teaching dance specifically requires a supportive, rigorous and challenging environment that prepares students for the complexities of the dance world.

Students should be encouraged to make connections between their discipline, other disciplines in the academy and real-world experiences. A significant strategy includes finding associations in dance throughout history and differentiating them with our current social, economic and cultural contexts. Another key strategy implicit within a dance education program is the support of students developing their own personal views of the world as life-long learners.


Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre provides education and outreach activities to facilitate the exchange of ideas between dance artists, their collaborators and students of all ages. These events emphasize the importance and value of contemporary dance theatre as well as the techniques we use in performance.

With a teaching career spanning over 2 decades, Chard has taught at dance conservatories and studios throughout Europe and the USA including: London Contemporary Dance School, Laban Centre, London Studio Centre, Roehampton University, University of Winchester, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, NOCCA, Academy of Performing Arts, California Ballet School, The Colburn School, and Pieter Performance Space. Chard enjoys teaching a variety of classical, contemporary and modern techniques as well as choreography, improvisation, dance history and performance studies.

To take a virtual Cunningham Technique class with Chard, please visit Pieter Performance Space. (During the pandemic, you may pay what you can.)

Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre