AUDITION: Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre is looking for skilled and versatile dance theatre performers to audition for our 2020-2021 season.

Who should apply
An invitation is open to dancers and/or actors in the Los Angeles area with an interest in discourse about art and social issues. Artists with high level of improvisation skills are especially encouraged to audition.

Why should you apply
To gain new experiences, to work on your craft and artistry, to share your own personal and professional experience with an open mind and open heart.

What to expect
At CGDT auditions, we generally start with some movement and/or voice warm-up. There will be a lot of structured movement improvisation where you will be given some critical thinking tasks. You will learn some choreography and perhaps work on some dialogue. Auditions usually last for 2-3 hours. Call backs may be necessary depending on the project.

Working with CGDT
Projects usually entail choreographed evening-length works with no intermission. Stamina to hold the audience’s attention for up to 90 minutes is expected from CGDT performers. But each performance is completely different. When presenting the same piece, we hope that each rendition has varying degrees of change from improved connection with audience. Or performers could use slightly or wildly different interpretations of movement material. Mary Overlie would say “include the unnecessary”. This keeps our work moving forward as opposed to “performing the past”. Of course, historical performances are extremely valuable. That’s just not what we represent at this time. 

How to apply
Please send your photo, resume and video links (if available) to