Advocacy is an important aspect of our mission. Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre promotes the highest professional standards for practicing artists and programs relating to contemporary dance theatre. We also support other organizations with similar purposes to advocate for all artists within the dance field such as Dance/USA, National Dance Education Organization and San Diego Dance Connect.


“The Dance Advocacy Network is a grassroots network of dance advocates across America. All Dance/USA members are encouraged to participate in the Dance Advocacy Network to increase the sharing of advocacy information, to develop tools and resources available for effective dance advocacy and to inspire other citizens to advocate for this wonderful art form.

The ideal dance advocate is a motivated and empowered individual who is willing to take action at the local, state and federal level in support of dance and the field of not-for-profit arts. Dance advocates participate in the Dance Advocacy Network listserve, track local arts advocacy news and opportunities, and share best practices and ideas with fellow advocates.”

National Dance Education Organization

“One of NDEO’s primary goals is to strengthen the national voice and vision for dance by advocating for dance education centered in the arts. As the largest dance education membership organization in the country, we are working to establish a national perception of dance as a vital and accessible art form, and of dance education as a necessary component of education for all children.”

California Dance Education Association

“California Dance Education Association is a state affiliate of NDEO. This special affiliation offers joint membership to both organizations with dual benefits.

CDEA is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the artistic and educational advancement of dance as a discrete art form. The organization is the representative body for linking interests of dance educators, dance artists, dance related professionals and students, and serves as a liaison and representative to local, regional, state, and national arts organizations.”

Dance Resource Center LA

“DRC is a service organization that provides the Los Angeles area dance community access to information, resources and services; and promotes the visibility and viability of Greater Los Angeles dance on local, state and national levels.”

San Diego Dance Connect

San Diego Dance Connect’s mission is “to strengthen the dance community by providing opportunities to network, communicate, advocate, and share resources. San Diego Dance Connect empowers the dance community to create a more sustainable and visible dance ecosystem in the San Diego region.”

Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre