Audition Tips

audition tips

Audition Tip #1️⃣️
Relax. The more relaxed you are, the more fun you will have. If you do your homework, you’ll know what’s expected during the audition. And no surprises = more opportunity for success.
Audition Tip 1: Relax

Audition Tip #2️⃣
Breathe! I know it’s easy to forget, especially under pressure. But when focused on deep breathing you will have a better chance at relaxing throughout the audition.

Audition Tip 2: Breathe

Audition Tip #️3️⃣
Ask questions. The audition panel want to hear how you think creatively. When you have an opportunity to use your voice, speak up.
Audition Tip 3: Ask Questions

Audition Tip #️️4️⃣
Listen. Make sure that you listen carefully to instructions. And don’t speak over other dancers asking questions.
Audition Tip 4: Listen

Audition Tip #️️5️⃣
Learn to recover. You are going to make mistakes (after all you are human). But knowing how to recover takes skill.
Audition Tip 5: Recover

Audition Tip #️️6️⃣
Be yourself. Perform the movement how the choreographer suggests, and use your own interpretation when given the freedom to do so.
Audition Tip 6: Be Yourself

Audition Tip #️️7️⃣
Perform with your eyes. Watch out for “class face” when you’re concentrating so hard, you forget to communicate with your eyes.
Audition Tip 7: Perform with your eyes

Audition Tip #️️️8️⃣
Don’t over think the choreography. Like tip 1 and 2, focus on relaxing and breathing rather than putting too much emphasis on the steps.

Audition Tip 8: Don't over think

Audition Tip #️️️9️⃣
Dress appropriately. Know what style the director is looking for. You don’t want to wear a skirt if there is a ton of rolling on the floor.
Audition Tip 9: Dress Appropriately

Audition Tip #️️️🔟
Arrive early. And make sure you’re warmed up. Auditions often start with learning choreography without time for conditioning.
Audition Tip 10: Arrive Early

Audition Tip #️️️1️⃣1️⃣
Eat! Please ensure that you have enough energy to get through a long audition. Bring water and extra snacks that do not require a clean up crew to eat.
Audition Tip 11: Eat

Audition Tip #️️️1️⃣2️⃣
Use the space to your advantage. If the space is crowded, look for the least dense space (often called the negative space) and go for it.
Audition Tip 12: Spatial Awareness

Good luck!