Audition Realness

The audition for “Eye Candy” at Pieter Performance Space last Friday was amazing! I was truly grateful to witness this talented group of artists as they brought some major dance audition realness! Everyone gave so much of themselves to the process. The richness of expression and diversity was so clearly represented throughout the 2-hour session. As a director, this was the most inspiring evening and also the most difficult. Naturally, I would have loved to work with everyone that showed up for the audition (even those who drove 8 hours and were late due to some horrific traffic). Alas, funding for dance is what it is. And so I’m stuck with the impossible decision of choosing a small group of dancers to work with for this project.

The aspects that I was looking for included technical and artistic elements in movement, voice skills, taking direction, and personality. Of course, auditioning can be nerve-racking, so I took into account the nerves that were present. Because I was also nervous, I found several moments where I could lighten up the mood. Given the task of having to select just a few dancers from the large group of superbly talented folks, we definitely enjoyed some laughs as we decided to not take the whole thing so seriously.

The cast list of Eye Candy will be released on February 24th!

Again, I want to reach out to all of the candidates to share my sincere thanks for an inspiring session. I hope to be able to work with ALL of you in the near future!

Many thanks!

Chard Gonzalez
Executive Artistic Director
Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre, Inc.