9th Anniversary

2018 marks our 9th Anniversary! Will you come celebrate with us? Come watch a performance, sponsor an artist, take a class, or join us as we help provide access to dance training for all.

In 2009, we performed “ATAWii” and “SENSITIVE BOYS” during our first official year as a nonprofit organization. We even won an award for our Fringe Festival performance for Sensitive Boys.

During our 2nd year we created QUARTERS and DOUBLE ENTENDRE TOOTH TIGER.

In 2011, CGDT took THE DIVINE FEMININE on the road from New Orleans, to Natchitoches, to Shreveport, then Houston and finally to San Francisco. We were so crazy back then.

In 2012, CGDT went DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE! Our 18-performer cast included 9 of the most talented dance students in New Orleans!

In 2013, CGDT went down a dark path with SUCK YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ARCHETYPE, TOO! Vampires, and Witches, and Dorothy, oh my!

2014 was a year of tremendous change for CGDT. Our final New Orleans performance of TOMORROWLAND was so much fun with the amazing Keisha McKee and Jupiter Funk!

Moving to San Diego in 2014, was a tough decision. So the first thing I did was reach out to the community and found San Diego Dance Connect. SDDC inspired me to find my voice back home in San Diego, then we created NEW BEE.

In 2015, CGDT performed DANZA FANTASMA at the White Box in San Diego. The lovely Ana Da Costa joined us in this celebration of the dead.

In 2016, we were invited to perform LEPRECHAUN DREAMS at the Mingei Museum with Vanguard Avant Garde Costume Gala.

In 2017, we create LOVE OVER FEAR to a recorded interview with bell hooks and live music by Joshua White. This was CGDT’s first performance in Los Angeles.

Now in 2018, CGDT has a renewed sense of urgency to continue building strong relationships within the community and raising our voices against those oppressive forces we see everyday. How are you raising your voice?